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Professor Shin publishes two papers

Wed, 2013-03-13 12:41 -- sfinn

Dr. Yongjun Shin (communication studies) has published two papers on very different topics. The first, “Bourdieu and urban politics: Conceptualizing a Bourdieusian relational framework for urban politics research,” appeared in Sage. The study purposes to build a generic theoretical framework of urban politics, drawing on Bourdieu’s relational sociology and theory of practice. You can read the abstract [url=]here[/url]: Dr. Shin also co-authored, “Into the world of privatized publicity: online privacy on social network sites,” with Professor Dong-Hee Shin of Seoul National University. They argue that social network sites have affected our perception and concept of privacy. It appeared in the Asian Journal of Information and Communications. An abstract is available [url=]here[/url] .

Wednesday, March 13, 2013